Converting CSV to KML for Google Maps, Revisited

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!) I updated my post on converting CSV to KML! I now no longer replace silly characters ‘manually’. See the original post for details.
Oh, and the online CSV2KML convertor has been naturally been updated as well!
(Note: I made this post because the ‘CSV to KML’-post is by far the most popular content on this blog. I’d say +95% of the traffic gravitates towards that post. My post on Killer7 is the second most popular, because people sometimes google "Master, we’re in a tight spot".)
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5 Responses to Converting CSV to KML for Google Maps, Revisited

  1. Jim says:

    Last night I tried this app and it worked great. Today nothing is working. Is it broke? i apprecaite your efforts here. Love to see it back up and running. Oh I have been putting in several various batches of csv and all lead me to the pacific ocean outside of africa. Yesterday I ran a .csv of 50 locations and it came up roses. Again thank you for your efforts on this.

  2. Louis says:

    Aw shucks, I wish I had seen your comment sooner! If you still have problems with it, please let me know!

  3. Daniel says:

    The only other things I would add would be an optional column in the .csv for icon url

  4. The page for the online converter says the following about the format:
    “Example .csv fragment (latitude, longitude, title [, description]): ”

    But it sends me to the ocean as well. So I switched latitude and longitude, and now it gives the correct location. So I believe that your converter expects longitude first, followed by latitude.
    Also, my CSV file contains multiple locations, but when I open the KML file in Google Earth, it shows only one location.

    • Louis says:

      Yes, I’ve had that happen to me a few times as well. I’m pretty sure the description has it correct, though…
      As for Google Earth, you might want to look at Omblegurf’s comments.

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