Where I sing the praise of Sin & Punishment

Note: this post is a work in progress. It was published earlier than planned to bring news of Sin & Punishment 2
Ah, Sin & Punishment. The N64’s swansong that was never… sung. Well, not outside of Japan.
[This is where the praise-singing-part is going to be]
So imagine my delight and surprise when a sequel was announced; for the Nintendo Wii, no less! It was like they read my mind, took its contents, maybe read it again a few times, looked at each other, nodded contently for a while and then said: "Yes, this guy is right! We should do a sequel on Wii!". Yes, it must have been like that.
The sequel is currently titled Sin & Punishment 2 [insert obligatory joke about imagination of tentative title-thinker-upper here] and not much else is known about it. IGN has some images up and there is a brief glimpse of footage nestled in the Wii ‘sizzle’ reel from the conference (Update – new trailer here). The footage itself isn’t too special, but the thought of more S&P, this time with Wii pointer control, fills me with warm fuzzy feelings.
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