Backward Compatibility, Episodic Content and the Metaverse

I haven’t updated this thing in ages! I suck!
Ok, let’s get down to business. There are three things I want to address in this post. See the title for what they are 🙂
On backward compatibility, I like it. I play Gameboy Advance games on my DS and BC was a big incentive for me in buying an Xbox360. BC on Xbox360 has been under fire recently, since it sucks. Not nearly all original Xbox games are BC (or better, ‘forward compatible’), and it isn’t always a smooth operation with the games that are. I recently bought both Halo and Halo2, since I never owned an Xbox and thus was missing out. Missing out on what exactly remains to be seen, for so far I have been quite underwhelmed by Halo. But the fact that I can play them is what is important.
It almost looked like I was going to make some sort of point right? Yeah, I got that feeling too.
Ok, what next… Ah, episodic content. Another sucker. I’ve played Half-Life 2: Episode One recently, and while it is a good ‘game’, it’s still… just… not… a game. It’s the TV-series equivalent of a game. Sure TV-series can be cool (cue Lost and Carnivàle), but they’re slower and less ‘packed’ than movies. I feel the same about episodic gaming, and I hope it’ll be a short-lived fad.
Hey, I actually made a point there! Sure it isn’t a very strong, or even original one, but it’s point nonetheless. This post now at least has some sort of right of existence. Right?
The Metaverse! Now this is something I’m really interested in. Unfortunately I’ve only barely started reading Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash – the book that coined the term – and thus not in very good position to explain it accurately. From what I know, it’s a virtual world built and used by the… er, users. It’s some sort imaginary evolution of the internet and it’s unbelievably cool. And it exists! Second Life is exactly this sort of user-created world, and since a couple of days it is freely accessible without the need for a credit card (whereas it used to be a requirement for joining SL in most countries). I’ve only installed the Second Life client today, and it was on my non-game-running-capable laptop, so I have yet to see all it has to offer. Some of its features include: scripting, 3D modelling, an advanced economy and much more!
That was more of a sales-pitch than a point, but it’ll have to do since I should be doing tons of other stuff. I’m sort of in this ‘graduating phase’ of my studies, and its activities should be consuming my entire life right about now. Or so I’ve been told.
Well, that’s about it for now. If you have any comments, put them in the… er, comments below. Oh, and if you would like to know a little more about Second Life, search for James Wagner Au’s blog, New World Notes. He has some excellent articles on Second Life on there, and he posts articles on my favourite game blog Kotaku from time to time as well. Until my next post! (Whenever that may be…)
Note that I haven’t placed a single link in this post. If anyone actually reads this, and feels links are needed, please let me know in the comments.
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