E3 is here, and like, it’s my blog’s birthday!

E3 is here again! Which also means my blog (this one, that is) is now one year old! Yay and yay!
Just finished up on all the major stories (took a looooong time). Sony’s pre-E3 show: they ripped off Wii with motion sensing controller, didn’t impress me further. Microsoft: Showed a Halo3 clip which appearently is on Xbox Live Marketplace right now! (Haven’t checked yet) Not much noteworthy stuff from the big M (I might have missed some stuff though). Nintendo: OMGZOR. New Mario game, Mario Galaxy. Looked really cool and fun. Zelda: Twilight Princess will be released as two different versions, Wii and non-Wii (meaning Gamecube). Some exciting new DS games announced too: Starfox DS and Yoshi’s Island 2. Some other cool Wii stuff. Basicly, Wii is gonna rock. Notice how this blogpost has a livebloggy style to it. Reading oodles of livebloggage messed up my brain, but it’s a nice nudge to my very first post, which consisted of excerpts from IGN’s Nintendo pre-E3 2005 liveblog. I didn’t even re-read it for full on crap-effect!
Ok, that’s it. Wii rocks. Wiiiiiii!
OMGZOR! Totally forget to mention the Wiimote has a built-in speaker! Not sure it will add much (if anything) to gameplay though.
-edit- Found at least 3 typo’s, and still counting! (basicly – basically, appearantly – apparently, forget – forgot)
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