Xbox360 dominance must end

Notice how all of the last posts were in some way (ok, ALL ways) related to Xbox360? Well, the dominance must end. After this one. I know I said in my previous post I would post more on 360, but I just don’t feel like it anymore. Go to another gameblog, they’ll have plenty on X360. RedAssedBaboon for instance. (This post I wrote got featured on their homepage on December 15th. Yay for me!) My Xbox360 has some annoying bugs, so I’m probably gonna return it to sender soon. Maybe then I’ll write some of those promised updates.
For now, let’s focus on other things in gaming. Have you played Mario Kart DS yet? You should! It’s an awesome game. Too bad it didn’t quite get the attention it deserves, due to a certain console launch.
I’ve lightly touched upon my obsession with Battlefield 2 in the past, and the arrival of its expansion pack, Special Forces, hasn’t made things any better. My busy schedule has though…
If you haven’t been able to get on of those shiny new consoles mentioned earlier, go buy some Gamecube games. The new Prince of Persia is out and Battalion Wars looks like a lot of fun too. If you haven’t got a Gamecube yet, what’s keeping you? Those things are cheap as chips these days.
Happy holidays everyone!
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