My Xbox360

I got it! Yay! I ordered it online, and received it on the day of the European release. No waiting in line, midnight escapades or other wild adventures. So you want my opinion eh? Well I haven’t really played it that much… Yet… Don’t worry. I won’t let it go to waste. What I did see was overall good. PGR3 has awesome graphics, and Call of Duty’s always a blast. I experienced my first system error as well, though. It didn’t boot, and the Ring of Light had a red led lit. Booting after a while of inactivity seems problematic all of the times I tried, in fact.
The best thing so far is the controller. It’s VERY comfortable and the wirellessness is cool. Using the Guide Button is quite cool as well (and hasn’t resulted in problems yet, as some others have experienced). The Gamecube controller still reigns due to the button layout though… Those X360 triggers are slick but a bit too small, as are the ABXY buttons. The button-on-push analogue sticks are nice too. The headset is horrible though. I’ll probably get back to that.
I’ll put some more time into the whole thing soon and probably post more during this week. Stay tuned.
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