Why I want an Xbox360 but not a PS3

Less than a month from now (November 22nd to be exact) Xbox360 will be available to some lucky American bastards. Europe gets it on December 2nd. Not that bad either. So am I gonna get one? Hell yeah! That thing is freakin awesome. Even if all the games suck (not likely) it will still have the coolest operating system on a gamingconsole EVER. Just check this out. If you did, you will now know that Xbox360 gamer stats can easily be integrated with MSN Spaces. Ain’t that convenient!
But what about PS3, the other next-gen meat? Apart from a few movies, we haven’t got ANY clue to how it’s gonna turn out. Really. Sony even admitted that the console-shell and controller they showed at last E3 were anything but final. So we’ve got no games, no console, no controller, no operating system and… no (100%) backwards compatibility either? It seems that way. I don’t own a single Playstation system and I think I haven’t missed much yet. What I do feel I have missed is ICO and the just released Shadow of the Colossus, done by the same developer. Those two, and the upcoming Okami, were the only reasons that justified the PS3 for me. Let’s just hope Sony will gets it’s act together, cause I’m not going to buy a PS3 just to play Grand Theft Auto 21: Shoot Happy Kill Fun Time City.
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