No Xbox X05 event for Louis

Well, it seems the almost annual (Dutch site with some cool pictures of previous X0’s) Microsoft Xbox X05 event will practically be in my own backyard this year (this meaning the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam). For the first time ever, Xbox360 games running on the final hardware will be presented in a playable form to the public! What most intrigued me, was the premise of a playable version of Rare‘s Perfect Dark Zero, being a big fan of the original Perfect Dark and all. Sadly, this international event which takes place on October 4th and 5th is for (the real) press only. I tried to get a ticket though, claiming that I was a freelance game journalist (not that far from the truth, now that I think about it…). Below is a translation of the response I got from a Microsoft press guy.
"Dear sir, I’m sorry to inform you that the list of guests for X05 is locked. The number of available tickets for the Dutch media was very limited, partly due to the international character of this event. That’s why we had to make a selection from the large amount of requests. We hope you will understand."
Oh well. Maybe they’ll launch another next-gen console in Holland someday…*

*(Very unlikely)

-edit- For all Xbox360 fans, this article by the boys at IGN about the Xbox360 interface is a must-read.
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