Pro Revo Contro… ller

It’s been almost a week now, and the dust has certainly settled a bit. Although even I was quite sceptical at first, I wasn’t expecting THIS much negativity towards the Nintendo Revolution controller. I found the lack of enthusiasm from Shiny Entertainments president even somewhat insulting (note that the last game from Shiny that I found either good or original, was the first Earthworm Jim. Which is old. Very old). There are some exceptions in there too, notably Matt Casamassina’s (editor of IGN’s Gamecube channel) take on the thing that WILL revolutionize gaming…
What? Not convinced yet? Ok, so neither am I, yet everyday I get a little bit more excited about that damn remote control. The exercise-like footage from the intrduction video still frightens me to some extent, but the thought of Killer7 Revolution makes me tingle. That game’s awkward controls would allow for a single-handed gaming experience on Revolution. This might not sound that big of a deal to you, but I think the whole one-hand gaming will be one of Revolutions big appeals. I’m almost positive Nintendo itself will try hard to avoid the add-ons, and focus on the motion-capturing (it’s not just ‘sensing’, you know) abilities of the controller for full game experiences.

And now for something completely different. The new Macromedia Flash Authoring tool is released! Yay! You can download (100Mb+) a 30-day trial of Macromedia Flash 8 from their site, after registering. It has a smoother appearance than Flash MX and MX 2004, and a few nice features like shadow dropping and lines with gradient fills (oooh, pretty). The price tag is still ridiculously high for hobbyists though.

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1 Response to Pro Revo Contro… ller

  1. Louis says:

     Hey moron, you miss spelled introdction. What? Oh.

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