Children of the Revolution fooled

The Gods must be crazy! Have you seen it? Have you?! Here it is. They must be crazy. It’s a frickin remote control! How am I gonna control a 3d Mario or Link with THAT!? (likely answer: analog stick attachment) There is something else about it though… It has all sorts of freaky motion sensors. This thing doesn’t only sense tilting, but even non-rotational movement in space. Ok, even I didn’t fully understand that sentence, so I’ll just send you to where you should have been in the first place (IGN’s main article about the freak-device that is the Nintendo Revolution controller).
edit – I realise this post was completely missing a point, or at least a point that wasn’t as obvious as a tree made out of wood. So I’ll provide you with a full-on opinion! (drum-roll…) I’m NOT convinced. I’m just not sure this will improve gameplay, rather than just make it fiddly as hell. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of confidence in the big N, but they’ll have to come with an awesome launchgame without a single controlflaw to fully convince me that all is good. (Next week I probably won’t care about the games at all and just want to swing that thing around like the monkeys do in this movie)
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