All hail Kotaku

No Killer7 propaganda for once. I’m just here promoting This site has all sorts of information on games, ranging from questionable rumours to totally awesome game-related stuff you just won’t read about on IGN. It features quite amusing writing from time to time as well. Just a little excerpt from a post about ‘Half-Life 2 Game of the Year’ to get you excited:
"-At the bare minimum, people should be warned away from playing a game that’s so monumentally fucked up that you can’t even start it.-

Good word of advice. Stay away from monumentally fucked up games. Better still, producers of monumentally fucked up games ought to get off their collective duff and do something about this, should they want to keep whatever remaining strands of street cred they’ve got."
Clickedy-click away and don’t forget to buy Killer7!
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