Master. We’re in a tight spot!

Wellwellwellwell. CAN deliver on time… Yes, I have Killer7 in my possession. I’ve even played it for a while! And I like it. No, I really do! In fact, I can’t quite see why it’s been getting all this negative publicity. It looks totally AWESOME, and the gameplay – although ‘different’ – seems to work quite well. I’d even go as far as saying that the gameplay’s quite enjoyable! The music is a bit too moody for my liking, but it reminds me of the N64 classic Winback. Which is a good thing. Winback also had an alternative gameplay style, but like Killer7 that game held up its own as well. It mainly suffered from bland and uninspired locations and an alltogether lack of style. Not Killer7 though. This oozes style. I wish someone would make a movie like this… Maybe a comic adaptation of Sin City or something… Wait a minute… Someone did. And Sin City the movie turned out awesome as well. Go see it, you echo!
So after my first assessment I think Killer7 ROCKS. Sin City does too by the way. Play the game, see the movie and never form your opinion based on those of others ever again. Even mine.
This probablably isn’t the last you’ll hear about Killer7 (from me, that is. It’s quite unlikely anyone else will mention this when standing by the watercooler). I haven’t even spoken about the C++ code that appears in the pause screen for no apparent reason (or so it seems…) and the dead red bondage guy with the sewn-shut eyes hanging from a rope and starting every (EVERY) conversation with "Master. We’re in a tight spot!" (edit – no he doesn’t. Just in the first level). But now it’s time to play Battlefield2. Yes, yes. That’s probably considered a sin by some, but hey, have you played it? It’s frickin awesome. Even if it’s mainstream chow-down for the trigger happy masses.
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