His Noodly Appendage Agrees

David Duchovny and David Schwimmer have informed me that the Flying Spaghetti Monster has shown Its interest in this weblog (cursed be thou who ommiteth the ‘w’ and ‘e’). It appears my recent attention to the Gamecube game (cursed be thou who buyeth the Playstation version) Killer7 has caught His noodly eyes. I suppose He and other readers will be pleased to hear that the game is on my way as we speak (if the dastardly Bol.com service is to be trusted, that is)! Expect a full report of my impressions here soon (and get disappointed when it turns out I was too lazy to fill a single page)!
edit – He doesn’t care anymore which version of Killer7 you buy. Since its release, the game has been selling direly. So go out and buy the Playstation version, you smegheads! Arrrrr!
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