So THAT’s why new games suck…

Read the next bit. Go on…

"Stop the Short-Sighted Business Bullshit

Patents. Did you know there’s a patent held by some microscopic software company on spherical camera controls in realtime 3D, and they’re starting to level lawsuits against EVERYONE? Did you ever wonder what happened to force feedback, controllers that push your hands around so you can feel the action in the game as well as see it (we’re talking real force feedback, not controllers that vibrate like pagers)? Somebody has a patent, that’s what. Did you know you can’t have mini-games during a loading screen because of patent law?"

Excerpt from an article about what a gamer desires to see in the next generation of games. Recommended read for gamers.

On a side note, what do YOU think about Killer7? It looks the shizzle but I just can’t seem to find anyone who’d actually buy it.

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