MSN Hotmail Profile Photo Collecterizer

Little project of mine. Provide a URL where a list of e-mailaddresses or MSN Messenger Contacts file (.ctt) is stored (or upload one!) and for each e-mailaddress with a Hotmail Profile my fandabulous invention will show its Profile image, provided it exists. ‘Dutch’ version available here.

Note: Yes. It IS supposed to be THAT slow (approximately 1 min for 10 e-mailaddresses). No speed updates are in the pipeline, although possibilities are frequently researched… 🙂

Edit 3-2-2006 – MSN changed the way profile requests are handled. The script is now more messed up than ever and chances of a better version are slim…

Edit 11-23-2006 – I found a way to fix the collecterizer, but it will still be slow, possibly even slower than before. I’m not sure anyone will give a flying rat’s ass if it is ever fixed, so I’m hesitant in doing so. If you think I should fix it, leave a comment to this post.

Edit 9-2-2008 – It’s working again. Sort of. Still slow though… Yeah, sorry.

Edit 13-12-2008 – MSN changed their Profile pages. I highly doubt the Collecterizer will work now. I don’t even recommend trying, really… 😀

Edit 14-4-2009 – It sort of works again. Sort of. It’s bad, though. Oh, so, bad. And by ‘bad’, I mean slow and innefficient and pretty much useless. A sample of what it looks like when you have patience:

All images are links that point to the actual Hotmail profile.

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  1. Meredith says:

    I wanna make friends worldwide

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