E3 Nintendo Conference 2005 (highlights)

10:12 am: Shigeru Miyamoto takes the stage. Applause.

10:14 am: Reggie shows the Game Boy Micro. Says "I know you haven’t seen this…"

10:18 am: Iwata takes tage. Introduces Revolution. Holds up the tiny, Mac Mini-sized unit. Crowd cheers.

10:20 am: "When you turn on Revolution and see the graphics, you will say ‘wow!’" "Our competitors have detailed the power of their core processor and display. But the advantages of our technology will also have no bearing on gameplay. I know, this is one of those mysterious comments," he says. … "Also, the controllers will be very unique "in ways we will share with you… later."

10:24 am: For Revolution, "Miyamoto is challenging his teams to create something new." His new creation will debut with Revolution. … "Redefining term of backward compatability [sic]." It’s a virtual console, able to download 20 years of Nintendo content. You will be able to Download NES, Super NES and N64 games. You can get every Nintendo game ever made.

10:38 am: "Of course we have saved the best for last. Today, prepare to see Link as you’ve never seen him before." Zelda trailer plays. Lights are flashing in the audience to simulate lightning flashes in the trailer. And yes, Link turns into a wolf in the trailer.
From IGN.com

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